The Interview

This blog is pertaining to an interview conducted by me. I consider myself fortunate to have interviewed a person in the field of Digital Media & Branding. He is someone who breaks the myth for introverts. Let us start!

I asked 6 questions and they’re below.

P.S. – I have removed unnecessary dialogues.

Q. Introduce yourself to my readers, please.

A. Hi, I am Chintan. I live in Mumbai and am an entrepreneur. A Punjabi by heart and so a big foodie. I like keeping myself fit and although I own a company, let me tell you I am an introvert. People have this myth that introverts can never be leaders. Yes, I am an unsocial guy but I love working on creative things and branding.

Q. What are you currently doing?

A. As I introduced in the beginning, I own a company called Digital Latte. As an introvert, I always found it strange to hear that introverts can never become leaders or are bad with communication. My goal was to create a digital agency that brews fresh ideas with young minds. I loved doing it and it is doesn’t feel like working at all.

Q. Why Digital Marketing & Branding?

A. It is now that people have realized the need to go Digital but I’d realized it back then. Social media and advertising the new way was important for every business and brand. Brewing fresh ideas to make something better is creative is something I have always learnt, right from school. Creativity and passion is important along with perseverance.

Q. What motivated you to build your personal brand?

A. I am still building it. I do have a company but miles to go before I sleep.. With due respect for people who do jobs, it wasn’t my cup of tea. To establish or build something, doesn’t need theoretical knowledge only, soft skills also matter. Like initially I gave time to upskill myself and then worked with my father as well. I believe everything holds some value; adds something somewhere and helps in the long run. One day, I read what Steve Jobs believes and it just struck me very hard. He worked as if he were to die the next day and isn’t that amazing? Give your best and evolve each day.

Q. Who is your role model and why?

A. Well, there are quite a few that I religiously follow but one name I would like to mention is Mr Ajay. He inspires me the most with his routine, hard work and the life lessons I get to hear from him. They’re just amazing and so helpful. To get inspired by someone, we don’t need celebrities, anyone can inspire or motivate you!

Q. What is your say on failures? Advise if any?

A. Oh, that are a part of our lives. I’ve seen enough of them. I don’t consider myself a great personality but see today, things are nice. So, it is okay, my dear friends and readers.

Just don’t quit something because it doesn’t work. Take risks and it is okay to fail at times. It teaches us in a way. It will happen with time. Be patient.

Conclusion : The rendezvous with Mr Chintan was fantastic! There were lots of learnings along the way. Thanks! It was nice hearing from you.

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